Controlling the quality of indoor and outdoor furniture requires a very specific set of skills, expertise, equipment and testing capability. LPI is able to provide a full range of services to ensure your products will meet both legal and commercial requirements. Thanks to our specialized technicians and engineers, we are able to thoroughly address our clients’ needs in terms of understanding legal requirements for their market.
The tailored services we propose for furniture importers, manufacturers and brands are the following:
  • Document review ( verifying existing certificates etc.)
  • Laboratory testing
  • Factory, social and environmental audits
  • Inline and Final Random Inspection
  • Loading Supervision
Some of our on-site inspection standard checks include:
  • Moisture check (wood, plywood, rattan,etc.)
  • Assembly check and workmanship
  • Loading, stability, fatigue and pull tests
  • rub and adhesive tests on marking and logos

Our affiliated labs in Asia and in Europe are notified by the European Union to conduct test on tables, chairs, storage furniture, children furniture etc.