Whether you are a garment brand or a wholesaler, you are particularly exposed to damages poor quality and/or poor ethical aspects could have on your image and reputation.
It is extremely important for you to ensure that your products are fully complying with your specification and the Acceptable Quality Level you must have defined.
On top of that, ethical manufacturing plays a major role in this industry in view of the recent scandals. To protect your business, you must ensure your products are manufactured in acceptable conditions. That means social and environmental audits are essential but also inline checking to make sure the products are not outsourced.
It takes years to build a reputation but only 1 bad production to destroy it.
LPI quality Limited provides all the solutions you need to mitigate quality and ethical risks. From testing to social audits and quality control inspections we are your eyes and hears at your supplier premises.
During in-line or Final Random inspections our inspectors are trained to spot the following defects :
  • Stitching: Malformed, skipped, broken, open, lose stitch
  • Grinning seam, open seam, seam slippage
  • Narrow Margin, bad margin
  • Inline and Final Random Inspection
  • Hem roping, excessive overlap