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How far in advance do I have to order an inspection?

Our minimum notice is 48 hours. However, we really encourage you to schedule the inspection as early as possible even if you are not sure about the exact inspection date yet.

Our planning team will coordinate with your supplier and we will confirm the date by automatic notification. It’s best for you to raise your supplier’s early in the production and it also gives us more time to prepare the inspection, to send the approved sample etc.

What kind of information do you need to inspect?
How can I be sure that your Inspectors know how to inspect my product?
How do you prevent bribery?
What type of products are you specialised in?
What are your competitive advantages?
Which areas are you covering?
Who are your clients?
Which norms do you use?
Can you make sure that my product conforms to a specific norm (CE, ROHS, Etc.)?

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