Initial Production check

Initial Production check

This inspection is conducted at the very early stage of a production.

> Ensure that the factory has fully understood : product’ specifications and instructions.

During production Inspection

During production Inspection

This inspection will allow you to

> Detect defects early in the production and implement any necessary corrective action.

> Improve overall quality.

> Verify wether the production is really on schedule to be completed for your expected ETD.

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

This service will allow you to check :

> Workmanship,

> Cosmetic defects, dimensions…

> Quick quality check on a reduced sampling size

> Function tests, barcode tests, shipping marks

> Comparison with approved sample…

Final random inspection

Final random inspection

This inspection takes place at the end of a production to assess the general quality level.

It classifies the types of defects as Minor , Major and Critical defects.

The inspection report will enable any importer to take an informed business decision whether the goods should be shipped as they are or not.

Container loading inspection

Container loading inspection

This inspection will focus on :

> Quantity

> Packing & shipping marks

> Quality check on a reduced sampling size

> Conformity with product specifications

> Any other concern asked by client.

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