Due Diligence


Verifying a supplier's background before placing an order is fundamental for several reasons : 

1 - Avoid scams
2- Making sure you are really dealing with a factory owner 
3- Beeing able to identify the real decision maker 
4- Ensure there is a good potential match between your project  and  the manufacturers actual capability. 

Before placing an order with a supplier, it is critical to know who you are dealing with. You might have had a direct contact with a 'sales manager' on an Internet platform or even met someone at a tradeshow. This is not enough.

Very often your contact would not at all be employed by the factory and therefore would have little control over the production schedule and results for orders.

LPI helps you uncover what stands behind an online showcase of a potential supplier. We allow you to take an informed decision based on a complete overview of a potential supplier.



Due Diligence services include :

  • All company licenses verifications and declared activity
  • Research any potential law prosecutions, reputation issues on official governmental and public local databases
  •  Shareholders names
  • Conduct a brief interview in chinese to check facts
  • Assess suitability with clients projects

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